About company

JP Business Law Firm is a team of lawyers and experts specialized in providing legal services to business. We operate both in Poland and in the CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc. Our multilingual team provides services fitted to the needs of every entrepreneur working in a foreign environment.

A wide range of legal services for entrepreneurs

Due to the regularly updated knowledge and constant contact with entrepreneurs from various countries, we are able to offer our partners effective solutions. We help them enter foreign markets and develop international operations. This would not be possible without the language and legal competence of our experts, whose experience helps entrepreneurs achieve new business goals. We support investors and entities considering expansion of business operations into the new markets.

An international team of experts with various specialties

The mission of JP Business Law Firm is to provide business entrepreneurs with legal solutions. JP is an international multilingual team of ambitious experts specializing in various aspects of business operations. Our clients mainly include leading exporters and importers as well as investors interested in foreign markets. Our mission is to create a place where the entrepreneur will always be able to find legal support regardless of which country he comes from and where he intends to work or works.